It is exclusively brought to Arizona, EMMEDICIOTTO. 
An Italian high-quality professional haircare brand that is already international.
Years ago, I found myself looking for products to help me with my hair problems. I had developed a sensitivity to the Ammonia, and PPD chemicals, contained in hair color dyes. My scalp was always irritated, very dry, and itchy. My hair had become dehydrated, dull, and looking lifeless. I tried many products, some didn’t work at all others just for a short time, until Emmediciotto Professional Hair Care Brand came to my rescue.

Their hair color dyes with natural ingredients, Ammonia-free,
and PPD-free gave me back my healthy hair.
The desire to share my findings with everyone experiencing these same problems gives me this amazing opportunity to bring this brand to Arizona.

I will love that customers, Salons and Independent Professional Hair Stylists start to use Emmediciotto Professional Hair Care Products.
I am confident, they quickly will identify all the benefits for their clients and themselves using Emmediciotto Brand. It will be my pleasure to work with all of you.

Virginia Adams
International Hair Care Distributor, LLC



Founder-Owner & Art Director of EMMEDICIOTTO


Mauro Sopranzetti

Founder and creative director of Emmediciotto, has learned and enriched his KNOW-HOW in the world fashion capitals. From Italy to Europe, from America to the Far East, he’s carrying forward the concept of Global Beauty.His creative vision of hairstyles is Influenced by an unmistakable ITALIAN STYLE, enriched by an international touch, and aimed at exploring the latest trends in the fashion sector.
In addition to providing the best products to achieve the style goal, it is essential to give salons all the tools and innovative knowledge.
The result of that long trip is EMMEDICIOTTO BRAND.