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22 Luxury Argan Body Mist Moisturizing 150 ml.

150 ml - 5.07 fl.oz. Description: Top hydration for your body skin concentrated in nebulized drops. Refined milk that hydrates, makes your skin beautiful and leaves a pleasant scent. Main ingredients offers all benefits to your skin: Argan oilantioxidant and regenerating, Shea butternourishing, sodium Hyaluronate antiage, Sunflower oil andsweet Almond for a velvet skin, D-Pantenolohydrating and amollient. Method of use: After shower spray and massage to let absorb. Ideal for everyday use.

22 Luxury Argan Body Oil Cleansing 150 ml.

150 ml - 5.07 fl.oz. Description: A refined combination of oils that cleanses your body delicately. The main ingredient Argan Oil nourishes deeply and protects the skin barrier. This innovative formula contains a high concentration of hydrating and lipid-replenishing ingredients with soothing and anti-irritation action. With Sunflower oil rich in Vitamin E, antioxidant. Easy to rinse off, no residues. Ideal for sensitive skin. The skin is clean, fragrant and soft. Method of use: Apply on wet skin with a light massage, then rinse.

22 Luxury Argan Refreshing Body Mist 100 ml.

100 ml. Refreshing spray face/body that hydrates and nourishes the skin. Thanks to Argan oil, grape and olive polyphenols maintains hydration and suntan. It gives a pleasant sensation of well-being and freshness, perfect after shower to hydrate and refresh the skin. It doesn’t contain SPF. Method of use: Apply frequently on face and body during sun exposure to hydrate and refresh skin after shower for a velvety skin.

22 Luxury Argan Sun Protection Oil 100 ml.

  Description: Solar protective oil with Argan oil for all kind of hair. Restoring and protective spray with a delightful scent. It contains solar filters granting a total solar protection against sun rays, salt and chlorine, and maintaining the hair color longer. Palm oil and E vitamin generate energy, hydration and protect the hair. No greasy. Method of use: Nebulyze the product on dray or wet hair during sun exposure. Repeat every two hours or after baths.