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Taormina Shaving Cream 100 ml.

20 ML – 0.67 FL OZ Description: Rich cream with green tea and ginger extracts. Thanks to its creamy texture it embraces the beard making it soft and preparing it to an accurate and deep shave. It leaves the skin pleasantly fresh, smooth and soft.  Method of use: Massage delicately with the brush before shave.  

Firenze After Shave Balm 100 Ml.

100 ml. Description: Light emulsion with the peppermint extract for a soothing and anti-redness action. It gives an immediate sensation of freshness and comfort to the skin. Method of use: Apply on the skin after shave performing a light massage till a complete absorption.

Capri All-in One Beard Oil 50 Ml.

50 ml. Description: Oil with a refined combination of emollient vegetable oils: almond, grape seeds and argan oils. Thanks to this formulation it carries a multiple action: it assures an efficient and at the same time delicate and precise shave, gives lustre and softness to more important beards.  Method of use: Distribute on the beard or apply before shave.  

Venezia Anti-Age face Cream 50 ml.

50 ml. Description: Light and at the time rich and velvety cream. Thanks to the Brown Algae (Pelvetia Caniculata) rich in

Cortina Beard & Hair Shower Shampoo 150 ml.

Description: It gently cleans beard, hair and body, respecting its integrity. The hair is soft, the beard clean and the skin is hydrated. Formula enriched with Bamboo extract that stimulates the hair growth and reduces the skin’s sebum production. Mint extract that stimulates the microcirculation balancing the sebaceous secretion. Aloe with its soothing and hydrating action and E vitamin ideal for frequent use. Method of use: Apply on wet beard, hair and body with a gentle massage, then rinse.

Shaving Kit (Gift Pocket stick- Allume di Rocca)

Include: Taormina+Firenze+Capri+Venezia+Barber brush